Emerging Tech For Autonomous Vehicles: Thermal Stereo Sensing

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Forbes magazine discusses the importance of thermal sensors and presents Foresight's thermal stereo solutions and their benefits to autonomous vehicles.

Thermal cameras may be added to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) or autonomous vehicles thanks to their added value of improving perception where vision systems are challenged: complete darkness, harsh weather (e.g. fog, snow), or poor reflectivity. Adding heat-sensing capabilities to forward-looking visible-light systems would allow safety systems to accurately understand what’s out there.

Foresight Automotive develops thermal stereo cameras with its automatic calibration solution, allowing camera placement flexibility, greater accuracy at longer distances and the ability to detect any obstacle (classified and non-classified) under harsh weather and lighting conditions.


Read the latest article from Forbes to learn more about Foresight’s thermal stereo solutions and their benefits to autonomous driving. 

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