Mono2Stereo™ Technology in the Media

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"On Automotive" magazine discusses the advantages of Foresight's stereo technology with a senior Vice President at ZF, and how it can enhance conventional ADAS systems.

“Foresight’s new stereo solution provides a rich perception based on enhanced 3D depth mapping, accurate distance measurement and object detection,” said Marc Bolitho, Senior Vice President Engineering, ZF Electronics and ADAS division, commenting on a recently signed agreement between Foresight and ZF for a joint proof-of-concept project to evaluate Foresight’s Mono2Stereo solution.

Read all about it in Gary Vasilash’s latest article in on Automotive magazine.

Also, learn more about Foresight’s technology display on a robotic unmanned combat vehicle by Elbit Systems at Eurosatory Defense and Security Exhibition in Paris, allowing accurate object detection in challenging environmental conditions.

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