Dragonfly VisionTM

360° 3D Surround Perception


Dragonfly Vision​TM

360° 3D Surround Perception

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Pioneering Next-Generation ADAS & Autonomous Driving with Cutting-Edge 360° 3D Perception Technology

Introducing Dragonfly Vision by Foresight, a groundbreaking 360° 3D surround perception solution based on stereoscopic vision designed to revolutionize advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving. This innovative technology enables precise object detection and contour recognition around the vehicle over a broad range of distances and environments while optimizing computational resources and maximizing processing performance.


Point Cloud-Based 360° 3D Perception

Constructs a detailed 3D view around the vehicle.

Accurate Distance and Object Size Estimation

Ensures reliable measurements critical for safe navigation.

360° Object Detection

Captures every angle, covering all dead zones

Detect Drivable Area

A layer that shows where the road is clear from obstacles and can be driven through.

Software-Based Multi-Resolution Perception

Enhances focus on regions of interest using existing cameras.

Dynamic Auto-Calibration Per Stereo Pair

Performed periodically.

Road Surface Segmentation

Marking the road points in the point cloud.

Optimized Resource Utilization

Maximizes processing performance with proprietary software.

Thermal Stereo Channels

Offers improved perception under adverse weather and lighting conditions.

Revolutionizing 360° 3D Perception for Enhanced Vehicle Safety

Dragonfly Vision redefines vehicular perception with its advanced 360° 3D perception technology around the vehicle, designed to deliver an unprecedented level of spatial awareness and precision. By leveraging high-resolution point cloud data and power-optimized processing, Dragonfly Vision enables vehicles to accurately detect and analyze objects and their contours at extended distances.


Our solution incorporates a dynamic software architecture and unique dynamic auto-calibration, that optimizes resource utilization, ensuring peak performance even in the most demanding scenarios. Coupled with optional thermal stereo vision, Dragonfly Vision maintains high accuracy in object detection across challenging lighting and weather conditions, setting a new standard for safety and reliability in advanced driver assistance systems.


Preventative and proactive actions not just warning applications:

3d perception auto
3d perception auto