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About Foresight

Foresight is a technology company engaged in the design, development and commercialization of 3D
multi-camera-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (“ADAS”).

Our mission is to revolutionize ADAS by providing an automotive grade, cost-effective platform, enabling highly accurate and reliable detection while ensuring the lowest rates of false alerts.






From Military to CivilianTechnology

Foresight’s parent company, Magna BSP Ltd. is a leading security technology company.

Founded in 2001, Magna quickly emerged as a leading innovator in the field of Homeland Security surveillance solutions, and today occupies a respected place at the forefront of the industry.

Magna’s innovative 3D multi-camera-based intruder detection system had been developed during the last 12 years and is currently deployed in international borders, sensitive facilities and locations (such as airports, nuclear reactors, prisons and gas and oil facilities) in Israel, Japan, Russia, Mexico, Singapore and more.  

Inexpensive to implement and operate, Magna’s solutions utilize a sophisticated, two-camera, stereo vision system that employs thermal imaging technology to detect, track, and monitor a wide range of targets in a predefined field of view, offering precise, real-time data regarding  their location, distance, size, velocity, elevation, and azimuth, in order to determine the level and type of the threat they pose.

Our Technology

The result of years of research and development and customizing security-grade technology to the automotive industry, Foresight’s innovative and proprietary platform introduces a solution designed to make our roads safer, reduce the probability and risks of traffic accidents, mitigate costs and save lives.

Eyes-On™ – Foresight’s system creates and analyzes a one-of-a-kind 3D image in order to foresee possible collisions with vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and other obstacles while providing highly accurate real time alerts, with minimum false alerts.

Eyes-On™ –  keeps an eye on the road and, if need be, a foot on the brake.

Our Features

Forward collision warning

Rear collision warning

Automatic emergency braking

Cyclist and pedestrian protection

Lane departure detection

Driver drowsiness detection

Identification and reading of traffic signs and traffic lights

Speed limit indication and more

Comparative Analysis

Foresight’s system present substantial advantages in comparison to most existing ADAS solutions, which utilize a single
view camera and sensors generating a 2D image, rendering a limited view of the road and its users and may often result
in false alerts.

Probability Of Detection Very high, near 100% High
Accuracy Of Detection Very high, near 100% High
False Alarm Rate Minimal Very High
Vehicle Distance Estimate Highly Precise Coarse Measure Only
Vehicle Dimensions Estimate Highly Precise Coarse Measure Only
Operation In Harsh Weather Conditions Effective Very Limited
Operation In Limited Visibility Conditions Effective Very Limited

The Market

Traffic accidents remain a global problem, still unresolved. The World Health Organization estimates that traffic accidents cause app. 1.25 million deaths each year while 20 to 50 million people further suffering non-fatal and often debilitating injuries.

As more than 90% of vehicular accidents are caused due to human error, making vehicles safer and equipping the driver with advanced safety features present a key factor in reducing the probability and risks of traffic accidents and saving lives.

Foresight addresses the rapidly growing ADAS market segment, fueled by a growing public awareness, supporting international regulation and the increasing standards of national and international safety organizations deeming ADAS as a pre-requisite to maintain high ratings.

Foresight aims to partner with leading car manufactureres and with Tier 1 automotive system integrators. Foresight’s wide range of solutions will offer flexibility across different segments and will deliver an automotive-grade product customized to varied specifications and requirements.

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