3D Stereo Solutions

for the Autonomous Era

3D Stereo Solutions

for the Autonomous Era

Advanced Vision Technology

Autonomous vehicle solutions that provide real-time value to customers around the globe

With the advancement of sensor technology and the application of obstacle detection techniques and algorithms, autonomous driving is becoming a pivotal technology that can revolutionize the future of transportation and mobility. The need for the most efficient and accurate perception and detection solutions is rampant and this is where Foresight comes in.


Because we understand that sensors are fundamental to the perception of vehicle surroundings in an autonomous driving system. Our proprietary technology can directly determine the safety and feasibility of autonomous vehicles in a wide range of industries.

Our Technology

Our powerful and mature detection and tracking technology scans the road ahead to foresee possible collisions with vehicles, pedestrians, animals, and other obstacles. The technology can be customized to address the challenges of ADAS and autonomous vehicle markets, including object detection under diverse road, lighting and weather conditions.

This IP-protected technology is based on 3D video analysis and advanced algorithms for image processing, achieving an  unprecedented, accurate obstacle detection in harsh lighting and weather conditions including complete darkness, rain, haze, fog, and glare.

Our software solutions enable OEM’s the flexibility which is required for developing autonomous vehicle capabilities with the highest 3D perception and detection of the obstacles surrounding the vehicle.

Cutting Edge Stereo
3D perception

Foresight’s cutting-edge stereo vision solution uses proprietary automatic calibration software to allow camera placement flexibility and extended sensor performance. A longer camera baseline enables extended detection range with greater accuracy at longer distances and the ability to gain a better understanding of the environment by generating a dense 3D point cloud.

High-Resolution 3D
Point Cloud

Our technology generates an accurate depth map which is converted to a high-resolution dense 3D point cloud which provides 3D raw data that can be used for obstacle detection, terrain analysis and autonomous vehicle sensor fusion.

Our Verticals

Foresight positions itself as a strategic fit across a range of markets that will benefit from stereo vision solutions, including passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, heavy machinery & agriculture, defense, robotics and shuttles. 

Passenger Vehicles

Developing solutions to allow for enhanced passenger vehicle safety in autonomous vehicles.

Commercial Vehicles

Delivering high accuracy and efficiency solutions for autonomous commercial vehicles.

Heavy Machinery & Agriculture

Equipping agriculture and heavy machinery vehicles with new technologies designed for precision agriculture and automated navigation.


Our unique sensor technology enables the defense sector for passive detection, operating under the harshest environmental conditions.



Adapting our technology solutions for robotics, allowing for navigation within dense environments.



Providing safety solutions for passengers for autonomous public transportation systems while remaining profitable.


Foresight offers innovative and comprehensive software solutions for a wide range of technological needs. Our diverse set of software solutions fits into multiple applications in different scenarios under diverse road, lighting and weather conditions. Our business model allows our clients and partners to combine these solutions into a complete system or select specific modules, as required.

Auto Calibration

Our Automatic Calibration technology uses a dedicated algorithm to assess relative pose estimation, providing an accurate stereoscopic 3D perception.

Separated Stereo Cameras

Our unique solution allows camera modules to be placed independently apart supporting large baselines, without being limited by stringent mechanical constraints or requiring manual calibration, enabling greater detection accuracy at long distances.

3D Point Cloud

Our point cloud provides 3D raw data that can be used for accurate obstacle detection, in-depth terrain analysis and autonomous vehicle sensor fusion.


Our QuadSight multi-spectral vision solution allows for exceptionally accurate obstacle detection in harsh lighting and weather conditions.

Cutting Edge Stereo
3D perception

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