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Advanced Stereoscopic 3D Perception Technology

Autonomous vehicle stereo vision solutions that provide real-time value to customers around the globe

Our technology is revolutionizing autonomous vehicles, expanding its benefits to heavy machinery and agricultural equipment. This innovative combination of stereo vision and 3D perception significantly improves real-time navigation and obstacle detection, essential for the efficiency and safety of a range of autonomous vehicles, particularly in challenging fields like agriculture.


Autonomous driving technology is just one facet of the broader transformation Foresight is driving across multiple industries. With advanced sensors and obstacle detection techniques, Foresight is leading the development of efficient and accurate 3D perception and detection solutions.


Our focus is on elevating performance, ensuring safety, and enhancing reliability in diverse operational settings. This commitment positions us at the forefront of technological advancement, continuously driving progress in sectors far beyond autonomous vehicles.

Our Technology

As a leader in advanced object detection and tracking technology, our company specializes in IP-protected software solutions that combine stereo vision with 3D perception. These solutions are adept at anticipating and avoiding collisions with various obstacles, such as vehicles, pedestrians, and animals, and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of ADAS and autonomous vehicle markets.


Our advanced image processing algorithms, enhanced by 3D video analysis, enable precise obstacle detection in challenging weather and lighting conditions, including darkness, rain, fog, and glare.


We offer flexible software solutions that empower OEMs to develop autonomous capabilities with a high level of 3D perception and detection using stereo vision technology.

Cutting Edge Stereoscopic
3D Perception

Experience the enhanced capabilities of Foresight’s advanced stereo vision solution. This cutting-edge technology includes proprietary automatic calibration software, allowing for flexible camera placement and optimized sensor performance. By using an extended baseline between stereo cameras, our solution enhances detection range and accuracy over longer distances. Additionally, our Point Cloud technology offers a more detailed environmental understanding. Discover more about how this innovative stereo-vision solution is shaping the future of autonomous driving.

High-Resolution 3D
Point Cloud

Take your autonomous driving technology to the next level with Foresight’s Dragonfly Vision™️️️ 360° Perception, an innovative depth mapping solution. Our accurate depth maps are converted into high-resolution point clouds, providing 3D raw data that can be used for obstacle detection, terrain analysis, and sensor fusion.

The Power of Foresight's Stereo Vision and 3D Perception Solutions Across Various Industries

Foresight is a leader in providing 3D perception solutions through the use of stereo vision technology, catering to a wide range of industries. Our technology is tailored for sectors including passenger and commercial vehicles, heavy machinery, agriculture, defense, robotics, and shuttles.   We design our solutions to address the specific challenges and demands of each market, leveraging the power of stereo vision and 3D perception to meet diverse industry needs.

Passenger Vehicles

Developing solutions to allow for enhanced passenger vehicle safety in autonomous vehicles.

Commercial Vehicles

Delivering high accuracy and efficiency solutions for autonomous commercial vehicles.

Heavy Machinery & Agriculture

Equipping agriculture and heavy machinery vehicles with new technologies designed for precision agriculture and automated navigation.


Our unique sensor technology enables the defense sector for passive detection, operating under the harshest environmental conditions.



Adapting our technology solutions for robotics, allowing for navigation within dense environments.



Providing safety solutions for passengers for autonomous public transportation systems while remaining profitable.

Foresight's comprehensive software solutions for all your technological needs

Foresight’s comprehensive software solutions, using stereo vision technology for 3D perception, cater to a wide array of technological needs across various scenarios. These solutions are adaptable and versatile, designed to perform exceptionally in different road, lighting, and weather conditions. With the flexibility to combine modules or select specific solutions, our approach allows customization to suit diverse business models and requirements.

Revolutionary 360° 3D Perception with Dragonfly Vision™️️️

Dragonfly Vision™️️️ by Foresight is a revolutionary 360° 3D perception solution for ADAS and autonomous driving. This cutting-edge technology ensures precise object detection and contour recognition across various distances and environments while optimizing computational resources.

Greater flexibility with ScaleCam™

Transform your autonomous driving technology with Foresight's ScaleCam™ solution. Our unique solution allows for greater flexibility in camera module placement, supporting large baselines without being limited by mechanical constraints. This means greater detection accuracy at long distances, giving you an edge in the world of self-driving vehicles.

Next-level 3D perception stereo vision system with Mono2Stereo™

Experience the benefits of Foresight's Mono2Stereo™ solution, featuring proprietary software-based algorithms that create a 3D perception stereo vision system from existing mono cameras. With our solution, vehicle manufacturers can enhance the performance of their ADAS systems, resulting in improved distance accuracy and more robust active safety features. Ready to learn more about how Mono2Stereo™ is driving the future of autonomous driving?

QuadSight 2.0™ multi-spectral vision solution

Our stereoscopic technology allows for exceptionally accurate obstacle detection in even the harshest lighting and weather conditions, giving you an edge in the world of autonomous driving.

Advanced point cloud technology with Percept3D™

Discover the power of Foresight's Percept3D™ point cloud technology. Our solution provides 3D raw data that can be used for accurate obstacle detection, in-depth terrain analysis, and autonomous vehicle sensor fusion.

DynamiCal™ Automatic Calibration technology

Our dedicated algorithm assesses relative pose estimation and enables continuous calibration between pairs of vision sensors, even while the vehicle is in motion, to provide accurate stereoscopic 3D perception, giving you an edge in the world of autonomous driving.

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